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Welcome to the payment page for the Jönköping Student Union membership fee.

Please fill in your personal number of your JU card and click search.
Select membership and payment type.

If your social security number can´t be found or if you can´t choose a membership:
1. Double check that you are registered in LADOK. You must be registered to be able to pay the mandatory membership fee.
2. It may take a few days after your registration in LADOK before you can pay. Wait and come back.
3. If you study e.g. technical base year and certain YH educations, you are not obliged to pay the compulsory membership. However, you can become a supporting member for 200 SEK and the membership is activated in Student Service, Rio, “Students House” on campus.
If you are a doctoral student and want to be a member; contact Studentservice by email

You can also pay to our bankgiro 131-9524. State name and day of birth as a message.

Following membership fees applies:
Program student = 330 SEK
Course/-s more than 15 hp = 330 SEK
Course/-s 7,6 hp-15 hp = 200 SEK
Course/-s 1 hp-7,5 hp = 50 SEK

Other campus than Jönköping:
7,6 hp-15 hp = 200 SEK
1 hp-7,5 hp = 50 SEK

Distance courses, specifically developed to be taught online:
Distance course/-s = 50 SEK (regardless of number of courses)